Posted by LUUMO on 18th Feb 2022

The name references the two parallel lines that that extend from the backrest to a horizontal bar below the seat, evoking two parallel strings on a violin, or even a tuning fork. It was these two lines, in the form of two pencil marks on the very earliest sketch, that provided the initial spark of inspiration for the design. The musicality of the name resonates with a chair that reflects a musical instrument in its geometry, symmetry and craftsmanship.

The craftsmanship involved in creating the chair’s branching form, without welding for mechanical fixtures, sees a solid piece of steel divide into two very fine lines with formal simplicity.

Details such as the gentle curves at either side of those elegant parallel bars imbue the chair with a distinctive sense of character.This refined detail gives the Violin Chair its decorative signature as well as providing functional support for the backrest.

Dynamic comfort with a distinctive character

The elegantly tapered legs of the powder-coated steel frame support a generous rounded seat and an embracing backrest that extends to partially support the forearm, elbow, or hands as an occasional armrest. This dual functionality makes the Violin Chair the perfect hybrid of dining chair and armchair. It allows you to easily twist around to speak to the person sitting next to you at dinner, while still remaining comfortable long after dessert and coffee are served.

Prices start from $1199. Please contact to discuss the range of fabric options.

Leadtime:- 14 - 16 weeks

Dimensions: D 55 x W 58 x H 76cms

Designer info:

GUBI has worked with Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi since the early days of their studio. With their own dual heritage, GamFratesi shares GUBI’s ability to fuse seemingly opposing concepts – the classic and the contemporary, the intellectual and the eclectic, the understated and the expressive, the manufactured and the crafted. These dualities, as well as their constant desire to challenge the status quo while respecting what has gone before, are epitomized in the Violin Chair.