Posted by Claire Morazzano on 15th Aug 2015

We recently returned from a trip to Copenhagen with the family, and I thought I would share some of our experiences and photos. The trip was a dream come true for me. It was a great opportunity for us to visit the designers and shops we have been admiring. Also, I could finally get to see where my grandfather had come from, he was a Danish fisherman who came over to England and fell in love with a girl many years ago.

The flight into Copenhagen is beautiful as you see all the fishing boats going out to sea and the bridge linking Denmark and Sweden. We stayed centrally in a lovely New York style loft apartment close to the Royal Park. One of the first things we noticed is that on the double beds; there are only single duvets, instead of doubles. Apparently this is to avoid partners taking the entire  duvet and to give you a good night sleep. Particularly in the harsh winters it seemed like a great idea!!

Copenhagen is a windy city even in summertime, it’s so flat which is ideal for cyclists, and everyone cycles everywhere. Regardless of age.  Men and women are stylishly dressed as they cycle too and fro. Check out blogger  Copenhagen Cycle Chic that I like to follow.

Close to where we stayed, they have amazing coffee shops, with such a great selection of breads. Everywhere there is rye bread, open sandwiches are very popular and oh so delicious, with a selection of hams, cheeses and avocado.

We were lucky to be recommended to visit the Vesterbro region of Copenhagen, which is up and coming for fashion and homeware. There we saw the Dansk Made For Room shop – which sells  MenuKreafunk,and other designer brands.

In the main shopping district area we also visited Stilleben. This store is stunning, no word to describe how gorgeous it is. On the first floor we found the Moebe Framesthe Studio Arhoj mugs and some original glazed lava stone boards with hand printed graphics that we are hoping to stock soon.

One of the highlights was visiting the Gubi showroom, just around the corner from us. The Adnet mirror is definitely on my Christmas list!!! Along with the Grasshopper table lamp. The quality and designs are timeless and Gubi is still a family run business to this day.

We found everyone so helpful, friendly and polite. The Danish are very socially conscious. From the shopkeeper, to taxi driver they are well educated and proud of their system, which benefits everyone rather than just individuals. They encourage higher education for all and subsidize this to motive people to further themselves. They are a small population but they have faith in the politician. The people may pay higher taxes than other countries but they are happy as there is total transparency with the politicians and they can see the benefits within society.

Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities not only for the design and architecture, but also the people and their kindness and humour. It’s a must see place to visit.